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Refinished wooden puzzles

I’ve had these little wooden puzzles for a while. I didn’t take any “before” pictures, but they were generic, primary and just screamed for a makeover. Especially since many of the shapes for the alphabet one were so obtuse, you could hardly tell the H from the N. It was bad.  So I peeled off the plastic coating and broke out my acrylics.

I decided to put the lower case letters underneath instead of pictures of things beginning with the letters. My oldest son is in first grade and it seemed like a good idea to help him distinguish between the upper and lower case letters.   
Heart people are one of my go to illustrations for my kid’s brown bag lunches. With three boys, it’s about as cute as I’m allowed to get. It is also preferable for the heart people to be funny or amusing somehow.  

This is one of my favorite groups. Everyone is dancing except for the one poor confused fellow who looks as if he’s not sure what he’s just walked into. 🙂


Party Animals

A few years ago for Christmas I had made a set of magnets for my family, but just recently my brother’s magnet from that original set was discovered by a particularly naughty puppy. So for his birthday this year I decided to make him a set all his own.

Here is the original, doggie hampered magnet.

Below is it’s replacement and the rest of the Party Animals.

Each magnet is made of a 2″x2″ piece of 1/4″ bamboo plywood (complements of my woodworking husband). I painted on them with acrylic paint which was slightly diluted in order to let the lovely lined texture of the wood come through the entire image. I think the dancing penguin is my favorite.

If you would like to procure your very own set of individually designed and illustrated magnets please contact me with the following details:

Color preferences

Animal preferences

Theme preference (Party, Culinary, Sprots, etc.)

Magnets are sold for $12 each or in Sets of 5 for $50. (one animal drawing per magnet)

If you would like magnets with a different number of animals, finer detail or something other than animals being silly just contact me with the details and I will get back to you with a quote.

Silly Creatures

Got back into crocheting recently.




I will be selling some of my latest handiworks at a Silent Auction at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Snohomish, Washington on Saturday November 14th.  All proceeds are going to benefit the Nepal Baptist Theological College. This college is training Nepal pastors and church leaders in doctrine, ministry and spiritual leadership.  Since Christians have been threatened and warned to leave the country, these students are the future of the church in Nepal. Auction begins at 6 p.m.

You can view more of these silly creatures on my blog.