Monthly Archives: September 2011

It’s hard to see the forrest for all the…animals?

It’s kind of hard to explain what I’ve been working on.  Right now it looks a mess. Animals and letters strewn about. Some just looking cute, others learning to read.   I’m really enjoying myself when I get a chance to paint long enough to get in the groove of things. Really working at keeping a consistent hand on the line quality and style of it all.  We’ll see in a month and a half how it all fits together. Lord willing.

And, when I say “Lord willing” it truly is by his grace that I have the time or energy to work on this.  Oil painting isn’t exactly easy when you have a toddler and an infant on your hands.  I praise God for my husband, my family and for reasonably well behaved children.  It’s all Him. My Jesus. He created these beautiful creatures. He gives me the ability and the provisions for it all, and I am simply thankful.