Monthly Archives: August 2013

Oscar and His Big Brother

I had this painting in my head for a while before I painted it last month while showing at the Mill Creek Art Walk.  It came out rather odd and a little creepy. That was not part of the plan.  But I like it anyway.  The main of the idea was to capture Oscar being held by Edward in the way that he does.  Oscar completely trusting, just hanging out, looking around, as proud big brother affords him a better view.   I did the painting without reference material so you’ll have to forgive the vague likeness and the fudged details.  I must say it made me very happy to have a chance to work with oil paints on wood again. summer005

Smart Goats are Thankful


I made this little thank you card illustration for a friend who is graduating from UW with a degree in math.  She also owns two adorable goats.  Pygmy Goats.   Who can say no to painting pygmy goats?   I drew a bit of inspiration from Holly Hobbie on this one.  Toot and Puddle are some of my very favorite characters and Holly’s illustrations always feel so fresh and beautiful to me.goatthanks006

Of course, my sense of humor on this one is a bit more…juvenile.