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IMG_5036My little brother got married this past weekend to a beautiful, sweet, Christian gal! I’m so proud!  I cannot even tell you how happy I was when they asked me to be creatively involved with making the invitations.  It was so much fun, and I really like how it turned out.  IMG_5033
I designed a logo and had stamps made to use on the front of the invitation.

IMG_5020Then I surprised them with an address stamp to match  as a pre-wedding/house warming present.

IMG_5019 I really liked the idea of using stamps, especially since the designs are such that the stamps can be reused indefinitely.

IMG_5034The idea for the invitation is loosely based on a passport, as Caleb and Angelica love to travel.

IMG_5023This is also why the map is a rather prominent element (hand illustrated map in watercolor with digital elements).  IMG_5025Keeping it subtle and casually elegant was important to us, so we avoided any over the top travel theme-y stuff.

Caleb and Angelica came up with the clever wording and had the rad idea of placing a magnet with their photo in each invitation. IMG_5028 The “Party Pants” reference on the magnet was something I pulled out of the wording they came up with for the invitation.IMG_5029
One last thing I want to share was a little gift my mom and I put together.  We initially got the idea from a baby shower we went to recently where the guests all wrote letters to the little guy for each of his upcoming birthdays. We basically stole that idea.  IMG_5038We bought 35 blank greeting cards and then numbered them 1 – 35.  Then had all the guests at the bridal shower, the brides maids, the grooms men, the parents of the bride and the groom, and the pastor at the ceremony (also a good friend of the groom) write letters to the happy couple for them to open on each upcoming anniversary.  IMG_5040I painted their logo on the top of the box and did a little embellishment inside.  Personally, I think this is the most seriously amazing idea ever!

The Reason

IMG_4796It’s been pretty quiet here on the bookwood for a while now, mostly because of three very noisy reasons I’ve been keeping at home. These little bundles of joy are a riot of crazy fun and daily challenges.   Aren’t they cute?  I am so very blessed.  There will be art on this blog again someday. But for now…revel in the cuteness! They’ll be teenagers before I know it!IMG_4819IMG_4830IMG_4861