Monthly Archives: January 2011

You’re a Jem

One of my good friends is going away to school in another state today. I made this for her. She’s such a bright and wonderful person, I wanted to give her a reminder that that is how I think of her.

Safe travels today Lauren. I love you girl. I’ll be praying for you.

My New Book: The Kid with the Red Juice Mustache!

Coming Soon!

It’s a brand new book!  The Kid with the Red Juice Mustache!  Full of great poems about life as a kid, ice cream trucks, haircuts and mischief making of every kind! Written by Erik Korhel and illustrated by Celia Marie Baker.  The same creative team that brought you My Tooth Fell in My Soup! Published by Piecemeal Publishing. Due to be released at the end of January.  You can pre-order your copy for $10 through Erik at