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Mollie Nevada 

A sweet littl name for a sweet little girl. 

I did this quick little painting in acrylic on canvas. My brushes were getting a little rough after all the extra use this month, but it turned out ok all the same. 

Tiny baby paintings

We took the boys out on the mountain loop to find snow last weekend.   

   It’s been warming up steadily out here and it seems we made it out just in time. The snow was crusty and melting but we had fun all the same. 

Being out in nature, watching my kids play, often puts me in a mood to paint. Sometimes I’m able to maintain that mood and retain the energy until an opportune time. This was one of those blessed times. 


I realize I painted them looking like babies. They are growing so fast! But in my heart they will probably always be my little babies. ❤️


My cousin was recently blessed with a handsome little boy.  Well, four months ago. Today I finally gave her this name illustration I’d promised her. I’m very happy with how it turned out. They are a very outdoorsy family. Horses, hiking, skiing and dirt biking. I’ve no doubt this little man is in for an adventurous life. 🙂 


Ink and watercolor on paper. 


A friend of mine just had her first boy. I am so happy for her. I made this little painting for her. I also wrote the little poem to go around it. I don’t think my poetry is anything to write home about, but I like that it gives context to the illustrative theme I chose. It was all inspired by a story someone told me about a boy who collected pill bugs in his pockets and his poor mamma who washed his jeans without checking the pockets.

Oscar and His Big Brother

I had this painting in my head for a while before I painted it last month while showing at the Mill Creek Art Walk.  It came out rather odd and a little creepy. That was not part of the plan.  But I like it anyway.  The main of the idea was to capture Oscar being held by Edward in the way that he does.  Oscar completely trusting, just hanging out, looking around, as proud big brother affords him a better view.   I did the painting without reference material so you’ll have to forgive the vague likeness and the fudged details.  I must say it made me very happy to have a chance to work with oil paints on wood again. summer005