Silly little portraits

Today I will be doing portraits at the Snohomish Craft Bazaar at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Snohomish from 10 – 4.
It takes about 30-40 minutes, but the kids don’t really have to sit still. (Oscar definitely did not sit still pretending to clap his hands for 30 minutes!) Portraits are done in watercolor on 9×12 paper. $30 each. There will be lots of other crafters there selling there goods. Come on out and find something for your mamma!

2727 Lake Ave. Snohomish

2 thoughts on “Silly little portraits

  1. Ryan Fast

    Thanks so much Celia, my wife absolutely loved the portrait of our two daughters on Saturday! Not only did you do a great job (including all those polka-dots for the dress), but you made my girls feed totally comfortable throughout the process.


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