China Painting

Every Thursday I go to my Grandma’s to paint. Sometimes we watercolor, but lately we’ve been china painting. It’s kind of a dying art as far as I can tell. Grandma got into it…well, before I was born. She paints anniversary plates for her children, and piggie banks and tea cups for her grandchildren. She has shared her art with us grandkids with great generosity over the years, not only making us sweet little delicately hand painted pieces, but also allowing us to try our hand at it from a surprisingly young age. When other kids were given finger paints and play-dough at grandma’s house, we were given a rabbit hair paintbrush and a teacup. I think I painted my first hot plate when I was maybe seven or eight. It’s an orchid, and is rather ugly (my mom still has it). Thankfully, a few years, and bit of art training has improved my painting skills a bit. My content, however, has become rather more…childish.

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